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Viktor Nikiforov ([personal profile] tsar_of_ice) wrote2016-12-25 07:59 pm
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❄ December 2016 ❄
Anon Kiss
"choose to kiss someone on every page, on different spots" [ numberonefanboy, katsudoms ]
Anon Kiss ▸ shortprogram
Cheeky brat and kissed cheeks.
Texting Meme ▸ piroshkis
Hair, parenting, good/bad dogs, and Madonna. Brought to you by the number 45 and the flavour 'salty.'
The Date ▸ miragefalchion
Viktor's dirty little secret is revealed to the public at the beach.
Picture Prompt ▸ quadsalchow
Come away with me~

❄ January 2017 ❄
The Expanded Heart Meter ▸ musicinmotion
Music Prompt ▸ donteverleave
Offered an entire playlist
Midnight Texting ▸ buttgrab
"what's the current betting on how many dildos will get chucked onto the ice at Europeans?"
Midnight Texting ▸ rinktwink
"Yura, if I were a cat, would you adopt me?"
Midnight Texting ▸ lutzjump
sleeping beauty @yurikatsuki
**THREAD TITLE** ▸ thread partner